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ii am PrinCessYUKII.
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The Royal PriinCess
sweet fifteen
liives in the castle obb GLAMOUR

She Loves.
her Priince
her bunch obb gurlls
1e3`o5 2e3`o6
her family
her cl0thhes
sh0pping & playing
getting all crazyyyy !
wadever she loves

She Hates
her schh
her homeworks
ppl hu hurts her

She wishes
ff0r her Priince tuu appear one day
m0re pocket m0ney
everiione tuu treat her well
everiione ard her tuu be well
tuu be able tuu wish ferhh anthh
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WOW !! II AM BACK TO THIS BLOG !!! WAHAHHAHAS.. just ferh fun, felt like updating a bit here.. so yea .. hahahas !! so nice to be bak here .. ! wahahhahas !! p0or blogg, being abandoned by miie .. muahahahs .. no ch0ice, the other blog's wayy much nicer .. hahahas .. =p the only thing ii like abt this blog is tat ii can change the fonts and the colors.. but the tag and all are alwaes nuisance ! =p okok , ii`ll try to c0me bak here as much as p0ssible laa .. ahahas .. =)

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ann0uncement : !!

ppl, please visit , my new blog !!
this blog wud still be in use, th0 .. hahahas's a while new website, so just go and explore.. !! =D kinda interesting .. been wanting to create a blog dere ferh a VERY long tym alr , but has n0t familiarised with the whole web yet .. but n0w tat ii kn0w h0w to create a blog, ii did ! =Dfinally, like after a yr, ii g0t tat new blog dere , so pls visit every n0w nn then, but dd0nt forget this sweet blog here too ! =)

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awww , start of an0ther tiring and busy week .. haiiiss .. went ferh dance today , so skipped supp less0ns .. it's a really stupid system .
[COMPLAINING TYM! pls bear with it.. =p] see:
we choose either supp or cca , th0se who choose supp , uu get to learn , but uu lose cca points , uu cant get the full attendance. th0se who choose cca, uu get the full attendance , but uu dd0nt learn . so it's like, h0w are we g0nna choose ?! c0s for supp less0ns , teachers n0rmally give extra revision nn help , so it's we're really disadvantaged if we miss those lessons.. but they shudnt mark us as absent or not give us full attendance for cca if we chose to attend supp less0ns , COS THEIR LESSONS ORGANISED BY TEACHERS, ATTENDED BY PUPILS WHO WANNA LEARN. IT'S A SCHOOL ALMOST-COMPULSORY ACTIVITY !! SOME TEACHERS JUST WANT US TO ATTEND NO MATTER WAD CCA WE HAVE !! so it's really unfair .. cant they just st0p this system or let us step d0wn frm cca .. ??!!! so tat we dd0nt need to sacrifice one of these ... !! then , supp less0ns or cca, we end LATE . if dere werent these less0ns , we'd be hm late ferh a few days only, but if we attend supp less0ns, it's getting h0me late EVERYDAY . and these less0ns are after sch , so everyone is like dead beat , like darn exhausted alr , h0w are we ever g0nna do dead dull boring work and studies ?! and even if we endure the hrs , ii dd0nt mean paying attention and learning everything , just being dere , we'd be like in a DEEEEP COMA wen we get hm onto our beds , h0w are we ever g0nna complete our homeworks or study for tests for the next day ..?!! and , our workload is like, higher than mt everest, heavier than the biggest dinosaur ever, even if we escape the coma, we're never ever g0nna complete the homeworks by the next day, nn of course, we get told off by teachers! well ok , even if we do , it has to be doing them into the LATE WEE HRS of the night , and the result- slping in class the next day nn getting sc0lded by th0se teachers , AGAIN. it's like , it's n0t our fault , it's tat the system is just LOUSY , SHITTY . IT DOESNT BENEFIT US AT ALL , IN FACT , IT IS A GREAT HARM TO US .. !!!! nn the recess , a period has 40 mins, minus 5 mins walking tym= 35 mins. but why does the recess only haf 20 mins ?!! it's like , NOT FAIR ! AND TOTALLY HARMING OUR wadever organ tat needs the food in our body !!! the tym is broken up this way. teachers delay 5 mins, go to locker and toilet 5 mins , queue up for food 10 mins, we dd0nt even haf tym to eat , and then we are alr like getting late to assembly in the bloody scorching sun !! wad the hell is this ?!! so whrs the other half of the whole period ?!! evaporated ?!! it says in the time table tat recess is 40 mins !! it shares the same tym for a normal one period of less0n !! so why is half of our tym g0ne ?! and to whr ?!! and for wad use ?! does this sch really love to see us tortured ?! goodness , uu can never find a sch as sick as this , as pervertic as this , EVER . it's the WORLD'S ONE AND ONLY SUCKY SCH uu can ever enter . nn just count urself DEAD UNLUCKY tat this sch had a vacancy for uu to enter . ii'd rather go to hell , it's wayyyy more like HEAVEN compared to this horrible pig sty. no , pig sty has food , so it's worse than whrever uu can imagine !! ppl , warn ur younger siblings NEVER TO ENTER THIS SCH , uu dd0nt wanna see ur loved ones suffering , not in such a way . no .

THE END . =)

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OMG , HOW ?! II THINK II`M A GENIUS , AND IT'S UNDENIABLE .. !!! muahahhhaaaahahs !!! =p

why did ii say tat .. ? well , hahhas , c0s ii passed m0st of muh tests recently !!! (when ii didnt put in like MUCH effort to studyy .. ?)

so yea , ii passed muh CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY and t0pped in class ferh chinese test .. ! =D dere were s0me others , ii think , but ii cant rmb wad .. hahahs .. havent g0t bak our vect0rs test , but h0pe ii pass , alth0 it's like ten marks g0ne for ALL OF US .. hahahs , but ii think if ii g0t all the front questions c0rrect , ii might be able to scratch a pass too .. =)
OH , GENIUS MIIE . =) so pr0ud of muhself , and so , it makes miie wanna w0rk even harder !! GO GO YUKIIII !!! =D

wanna idolise this genius here .. ? =p

went on a crazy sh0pping spree with aunt on saturday . she did the sh0pping , n0t miie .. hahahas . she wanted to buy some tees ferh miie , but ii didnt see any prints tat ii liked , nn so ii didnt get any .. ='( went to paragon first , got change her MIUMIU (this name really suck big tym) bag , then off to far east , had HANS , nn started sh0pping like mad .. she of course picked up lotsa treasures along the way , ii AIMED loads too .. =p we were ever sooo reluctant to leave the paradise , but oh , she has to go bak to tend the sh0p , c0s her pr0blematic staff alwaes has pr0blems cr0pping up nn has to take sudden leaves .. but , after closing the sh0p a lil earlier , we headed bak to orchard for the "late" night sh0pping .. the reas0n why ii say "late" is bec0s , yea , the malls operate a lil later than usual , abt 2 hrs m0re , that is , but it's still darn early !! like, 11pm ?!! hello , other countries' night markets or late night sh0pping malls operate till really the WEEEEE WEEEEEEE WEEEEEEEEEEEEE hrs in the night ! and when it's only till 11pm, SINGAPORE calls it "LATE" night sh0pping . goodness . anw, yup, bak to orchard, to WISMA , didnt get anth c0s even the "LATE" night sh0pping CLOSES EARLY . dere were hardly any sh0ps that were still open !! the only few pathetics were sh0ps tat we wont visit , like c0s their n0t attractive enuf .. ? uhhhh .. !@#$%^&* hm after tat . dead shaggy tired .. !!

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w0ooooho00oooo !!! ii finally went j0gging !!! alone .. hahahs , ard muh estate , pr0bably a little bigger than the distance outside sch tat we used to run , in 15+ min !!!! muahahahahhahs !!! so happy nn pr0ud of muhself !!! pr0bably c0s the wind was kinda strong , ii didnt really feel sick or too tired , it was kinda easy, ii t0t .. ii cudnt believe muhself either , wen ii saw the tyming on muh watch , but yea , tat's the fact , the real honourable fact !!!!! wahahhahahas !! ii`m g0ing madddd !!! muahahhahhas !! just wayyyy tooo happy !! feel so healthy all of a sudden , hahahs .. it's been a long tym since ii j0gged like tat , other than the dreadful 2.4.. ii dunno , been wanting to go jogging for a long tym alr , nn suddenly t0t of really doing it , since there wasnt much hw today, so ii g0t dressed and went on muh own ..! =DD ii t0t ii shud start living a healthier lifestyle, than just sh0pping nn computering all day.. it really felt great , running like tat .. all the w0rries , stress , unhappiness nn such recently has been thr0wn to an isolated area in muh mind while running , all f0rgotten ..! =) guess dere's a new way to let out muh feelings to be added into muh list (sleeping, singing, watching tv & laughing , eating) n0w : jogging ! =D woohooo !! clapclaps ferh miie!! =D
errhm , ii suddenly feel like asking all of uu out dere to start exercising too .. !! hahahs , sounds like some kinda weirdo , oh , so not miie .. wahahhahas .. =p

P.S: this is not an april fool's joke , ii`m seri0us , ii did jog !

aww , ii g0tta save up ferh piano less0ns after 'O's .. of course , ii`m g0nna work too , and h0pefully ii can go for other musical less0ns or even dancing less0ns .. =)

just wanna be a new miie when p0ly comes , dd0nt quite like the life ii live right n0w .. so yea .. =)

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Is that really you? Or is it that we just don't know you well enough? Are we gonna lose you just like that?

Once a dart has been shot, it can be plucked out, but the scar will still be there, hard to be mended. Or, it may take forever to heal. Forgiving is only saying, but that memory would be the most difficult to erase from our minds. It's been all carved out already, it's irreversible.

Our concern for a good friend has been depreciated. Your callousness has hurt us deeply and disappointed us. It's really prickling and piercing.

Oh well, I don't know what to say. It's just too sudden, too unexpected. I know there's more than meets our eyes, but still, we have no answers to that unfamiliar you, the harsh words.

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wahhahas , finally , after 3 weekends of long wait , the first week with aunt suddenly having to tend shop for worker who took a sudden leave, sec0nd week having aunt with extremely bad sore throat, totally lost her voice, TOTALLY ! and third week was xy having cold and sore throat too. so finally, the fourth week, last night , WE GOT TO GO SINGING LAAAA !!! =)))) my throat wasnt feeling well, but muh voice was still alryt, just tat muh throat was stinging while ii sang .. hahahs .. no matter , as long as ii got to sing .. !! wooohoooo !! =DD

after the s-pop concert last week, ii g0t more obsessed with JAM XIAO .. =p kept looking up videos of him on youtube.. c0s he was just toooo entertaining .. yea , not talking much , not doing or showing much , but still being entertaining . in fact, m0re entertaining than those who talk and joke ard a lot , haahas .. it's bec0s of his quietness tat's funny .. wahahhahas !! and his dumbness .. ! tat's wad's cute and funny abt him .. =D erm , actually , ii didnt really look up much abt it , ii was watching the same videos again nn again , c0s muh laggy c0mp's taking too long to load a short clip , so one programme took miie hours or even m0re than a day to finish watching .. =p wadever . JAM XIAO. =)))

NAPFA was crazy .. why are schools asking us students to do all these ? not everyone is athletic or physical, esp miie ! =p goodness , it all caused unbearable aches all over muh body , esp muh dear tummy , frm doing th0se sit-ups ! cudnt even laugh properly !! gaahhhs .. ii did well for muh shutter run , hehehs .. and muh standing broad jump has improved, ii used to get real low , hahas .. and they even told miie tat ii managed to reach pretty far , just tat ii fell back with muh hands, so it wasnt counted .. goodness ..!! hearing tat ii went quite far, it kinda boosted muh confidence a lil' and ii`m g0nna try it again during PE. =)) ate at longjon with the girls after sch, chatted loads nn rushed off for ktv.

We've just started sailing the ship, happily, and now, we are facing a difficult obstacle. The ship wont just sink, we'll give our best to salvage it, we're really trying, my friend. Because we care... Unexpected things just happen throughout life, we just have to confront it. Our feelings are muddled up... Tired.

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omg, it was raining ICE today at bishan !! how many tyms in ur life can uu witness it in singapore ?! wahhahhas !!
we were having emath supp less0n in the afterno0n in the class , wen it started to pouring heavily. then we heard sth hard hitting against the metal shelter outside the windows , real loud , like stones hitting it .. so darreneng went out to take a look , and he found ICE CUBES raining down frm the skyyyy !!!! wahhahahahahhhaaas !!! we were like all sooo excited , nn started running outta the class to see the ice , even teacher .. hahahahs .. =))

after emath less0n , skipped physics nn went for a badminton game with the girls .. kim was abesnt frm sch today , having cramps and fever .. poor thing .. so yea , ii won katrina in our game .. !!! =DD chatted ferh a while nn hm after tat .. =)

萧敬腾也太可爱,太好笑了吧!!呆呆的!! <3

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LATEST LOVE <3: 萧敬腾 JAM XIAO .. !!! =D

wah wah wahhh ... been very lazy nn too busy to c0me recently .. hahas ..

went ferh SPOP's concert last sunday, at singapore indoor stadium. it was a BLASTTTT!! was quite b0red at first , but muh main purp0se of being dere , enduring the boreness bef0re wad ii was anticipating , was to see JAM XIAOOO !!!! after seeing him , found him even cuter than ever !!!!! wahhahahahhas !!! he didnt talk much , of course , muahahahhahahahs !! but he d0es sing POWERFULLY !!!! =D it was heavens, listening to him sing .. !! =) then it ws ELVA XIAO , who also sang beautifully ! in the end , 发烧 won the songwriting c0mpetition .. =) the host asked JAM XIAO to say a few words , so he raised up his hand and did a V(twist) and said softly and dully: “万岁.” ... CUTE. and it was his 21st bdae on tat dayyy !

last wednesday was supp0sed to be sports day , we all gathered at the stadium , and then it started to drizzle , shower , rain heavily , it was a storm .... waited and waited ferh at least 3 hrs , doing totally nth , kim nn ii doodling awae in our HARRYPOTTER world , nn the racist jokes ..! =p the rain started to subside a little , nn only then did the teachers release us , we cudnt continue with the sports day aniim0re , dere was only abt an hr or so left , dere was nth we can do .. yea , so the day was wasted away like tat ..

didnt go sch on thurs , terrible stomachache , ii dunno wad kinda stomachache it is again this tym , it was like cramp but ii wasnt having muh mense .. so ii stayed at hm , it g0t better in the evening , so went out with aunt .. she bot her gucci bag , by hook or cr0ok she just wanted it badly .. xy nn ii t0t it was wayyyy too c0mmon nn n0t very nice as a gucci bag, or a branded bag , so didnt wanna let her buy the previous timeS we went to see the bags .. but tat day ii was alone with her , xy wasnt dere with miie to persuade her into n0t buying , ii alone wasnt powerful enuf ..! she even made a reserve for the bag with the sales assistant , so yea , ii let her buy it eventually .. haiis .. went to DFS GALLERIA , nn of course , she bot m0re things again .. ate sushi nn hm . =)

and the week has been an0ther extremely hectic one again of course , tests nn such .. hais .. miserable things we are , having to suffer so much , but it's all ferh our future , so yea , g0tta work hard , alth0 ii`m n0t putting in too much effort yet .. hahhas , yeayea , ii'll try , ii'll start so0n .. =p

CHEERS PPL , AND TO JAM XIAO .. ! woooooohoooo !! =D

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extremely tired these few days , nn ii cant wake up at all , alm0st everyday for this wh0le week , ii've been alm0st late everyday !! nn today , bad tummy , had a terrible st0machache for the whole day ! didnt go to sch then .. cudnt even go watch STEP UP 2 with the girls !! wad a waste ... !!! grr .. ! ii've alr watched water h0rse halfway alr .. hahahs , thru the internet .. wahahhas .. =)) ii`m sooo b0red today ..

g0nna go swimming with the girls tml , h0pe muh tummy d0esnt give miie any trouble again .. gaahhs .. ii wanna buy a new set of swimming costume !! mine's getting wayy to tight nn small ferh miie , suffocating miie .. !

aunt b0t miie a new pair of sandals .. ii dunno , like slippers or sth , in green .. =)) wahhahahas , sweet ..! =)

g0odness, sudden craving ferh HARRYPOTTER BKS all over again .. ii wanna reread it frm the start again .. =p lalas , ii`m g0nna go b0rrow it wen ii haf the tym .. hahas .. =DD in future , muh hm MUST haf a LIBRARY .. full of all HARRYPOTTER bks , sets of all the diff versions .. nn other storybks of course .. ii'd prefer th0se with series .. wahhahas .. then ii wont needa find too many stories , just a few can entertain miie for quite a while.. hahahs ..

ii dunno why ii`m always the one .. ii just dont understand . ii hate it too .. it all sucks . wadever ..
ii h0pe O levels gets over so0n , so that the poly term can start , nn h0pefully ii can start muh life anew , ii dd0nt wanna live muh life like tat again , ii wanna find ppl who really wants miie as a friend ..

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o0ohhhhh, it's the start of a new term, AGAIN . goodness . one week has passed , in a BLINK , it was one tortorous h0liday, didnt get to rest much , or haf enough fun ... gahhh .. it was hw hw AND still hw (altho the HWs are n0t quite completed yet) .... cant blame miie , ii'm slow , nn the works are all very difficult .... like BOOOMMM BAAMMMMM BANNNGGGG .... wadever , crappppp ...

and the first day of sch wasnt a g0od start at all , ii g0t up late , nn was alm0st late ferh sch .... grrr .. sto0pid brothers took soooo lloonnngg to get ready , goodness .. dead sleepy in sch , esp after PE, wad with the 1.2 run, and the stations right after the run , all as training , we were all t0tally drained out .... gaaaaahhh ..

haiis , emath tml , h0l hw n0t finished yet , dunno h0w to do ... guess ii`m the only one who d0esnt kn0w ...! haiis , really g0tta buck up on muh emath , but HOW ? wen ii dd0nt kn0w anth abt it at all !!! since sec 1 .. !!! wtf ..

wad a sto0piid substance-less post this is ... just getting real b0red , nth to doooo at alllll ....

dead beat n0w , byebye , goodnight .

wahahhahas ! muh items haf arrived ! ii can collect them anytym n0w .. but ii`m still waiting ferh muh dear bag ... ! ii wanna change it asap , th0se ppl having the same bag as miie , g0sh , makes miie SICK & disgusted .. the bag is still beautiful , but th0se ppl insulted it .. thank goodness nn wadever that ii`m n0t carrying the other type , the DAMN comm0n type , ii might die .. !!! wadever , ii wont glance at th0se bags anw .. wahahahhas ...


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the outing with vien xy shaozhe darence ryan nn darreneng wasnt exactly pleasant at all.. ok , it was definitely UNPLEASANT , for miie alone, at least .. w0nder why in the pants of merlin did ii ever agree on an outing without another company for myself.. shudnt even haf went ......... ii waited ferh them at amk mrt, c0s we were g0ing down that direction , towards jurong .. read the harryp0tter bk muh bro borrowed but left aside while waiting .. it was a long wait , ii was pretty early .. =))))) hopped on to the train that they were in , nn met them . yea .. reached jurong , the weather wasnt too g0od .. that's myye first reason ferh the day spent n0t being too pleasant - extremely cold weather. kinda dampened muh m0od A LOT for swimming .. changed and braved the freezing icy cold waters .... ii had to get muh own float , no one to share with .. didnt even want one at first .. for the whole tym dere , ii didnt DARE sit on the float , merely just clinged on to it the whole tym. all the others were trying to overturn each other , esp miie ii guess , c0s ii had no bf as backup , so they cud easily bully miie .. and ii was floating alone on muh own the whole tym .. wayyy in front of them .. well yea , it was miie who sped up a bit to allow a distance , c0s it was awkward dere , with the 2 pairs of couples , had no one to acc0mpany nn to talk to , as usual .. so ii'd rather float alone , makes miie feel better than being neglected nn ign0red .. ii wasnt really ign0red , ii did feel existed , a bit too much , the attention was on miie , on h0w to overturn miie if ii were ever to sit on the float wen muh arms were dead tired and aching ... despite miie only clinging on to the float , n0t sitting on it , they still tried means nn ways to get miie "capsized" in the wave p0ol at it's deepest part .. ii was scared , nn ii really hated it , was quite angry abt it , plus the thot of why was ii even dere to make muhself feel so terrible , nn all tat feelings just made miie cry .. damn . bak to the lazy river to float a while m0re on muh own , then left ... changed nn headed to IMM for lunch+tea .. muh arms nn shoulders were aching like mad , frm all tat clining on the the float , without being able to sit on it nn relax , so tensed up the whole tym dere for fear of being overturned or sth by the others .. it was raining quite heavily , vien nn shaozhe left for IMM first by their bike , nn we had to train dere .. walked the distance frm mrt to IMM alone , again .. the whole day was like TOTALLY ALONE .. ii had, ferh quite a while , pulled muhself outta such misery but a stupid decision of mine to go with them ytd made miie remininsce all that feeling of being soooo ALONE .. ! eating at the fo0d court , ii hardly worked muh vocals . walked ard ferh a while , nn left IMM . someh0w they wanted to take a BUS frm jurong bak to bishan . goodness ….. ii had to endure an0ther long miserable hr ALONE . sat ALONE , of course.. it was like , n0body bothered abt miie at all , is that a g0od thing .. ?? ii mean , haf they never w0ndered why ii always tried to turn d0wn any sort of outing with them .. ? did they really think so simply tat it’s bec0s ii was lazy to go out , tat ii didn’t wanna sh0p at the places they wanted to , nn tat ii really wanted to stay hm nn do muh hw .. ? ohhhh .. wadever .. ii had nth to do , no one to talk to AT ALL on the bus , read the harrypotter bk , g0t tired nn slept the whole journey .. reached j8 , decided to to café cartel to grab a bite , hm after tat .. wad a dreadful day .. ii’ll never let muhself experience such a day ever again ! mistreating muhself so badly …

but on the other hand , on the other side , ii feel really neglected too , m0re nn m0re left out alr ..

ii haf received reassurance tym nn again that ii wasn’t being left out , but ii seri0usly am .. ii h0pe ii`m n0t feeling too sensitive , but ii really do feel this way , cant be helped ….

Cant believe ii’ve survived all these for m0re than a year alr , g0od thing ii`m one whose quite afraid of death without living muh life to the fullest yet , or ii’d alr haf g0tten the PR , at least , of the netherworld ..! ii w0nt die in peace if the reas0n was despair , only if it was that ii’ve finished all that ii ever want to do .. =)

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muh results were disapp0inting . esp muh 2 languages .. ii haf impr0ved a few marks ferh muh chinese , but it wasnt ideal yet , so ii really g0tta work hard towards it .. muh weakness for chinese lies in the compre , ii can understand the ques , but in chinese , in words , ii cant really express them .. so yea .. muh english , it was PARTIALLY muh fault that ii left first , and so the results were definitely n0t up to expectations .. it was wayyyyyy below wad ii shud've g0tten. damn. sth that comforts miie ferh muh english results was tat , ii kn0w ii knew h0w to do th0se ques , as ii've attempted them at hm then checked with the ans sheets . ii've calculated nn it's 16 marks ! ii knew h0w to do , only that ii dont haf tym , so this result d0esnt quite matter to miie , as long as ii kn0w it n0w , ii haf the abilities to finish that paper within the tym frame nn sc0re an acceptable grade .. =) only it d0esnt look very nice one the report card ...... =p and ii really haf to buck up on muh other subs , ii dd0nt wanna haf any regrets in future .. ii wanna be able to live the dreams ii want . ( altho ii havent really came up with one.... ) =DD

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hi ii`m here again .. ii think ii haf loads to say , but ii dunno h0w to put it , so ii've decided just n0t to say anth . anw , it's bed tym , yaaawwnn , nightnight ppl.....

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ALERT ALERT !! a JI member has escaped frm the detention centre in whitley road !!!!! dere's a piece of news in the papers , that 3 hrs bef0re he escaped , a van was stolen . a blue color singpore post van . this no0n , mum spotted a bunch of CIDs or casual-clothed officers surrounding a blue singapore post van at the carpark behind our kitchen.. that was bef0re we found out abt the news in the newspaper .. yup , so they were like staring at the van , then someh0w got someone to pry open the door or sth , nn started inspecting .. one of them took out a bottle of p0wder , to check for handprints on the van !! wooh00! h0w cool , ii`ve never really witnessed this s0rta thing in real life bef0re , only in HK drama series ! wahhaahhas !! okaes , as they were inspecting, an0ther police car came , this tym with uniformed officers .. w0w .. after walking and looking ard the van ferh a while , some of them went off , towards the void deck , nn the rest continued inspecting .. they havent left wen ii did , nn wen ii walked past the void deck , the grp of police that had walked off , were sitting at the table in the middle of some discussion , each with the same file in their hands .. was quite reluctant to leave muh hse , c0s ii wanted to see wad was g0ing on frm muh kitchen window .. ! hahhahas ..

met xy nn darence, went to bugis to get enyi's present , then bak to darence's hse to meet ryan nn fengyao , nn finally cabbed to pasir ris , the chalet .. first tym meeting little xingying(valerie) !!! omg , she is just soooooo cuuuttee !! the way she talks nn all .. she didnt really talk to miie at first , then after a while she was sorta glued to miie .. =DD so HAPPPPYYY .. ! =p hahahs .. the other little girl , elise , she didnt like miie at all , ii dunno why .. she was sooo shy , it was hard to talk to her , so ii hardly spoke to her , nn she was stuck with xy all the while .. so yea , we each had one cutey with us .. hahahs ! okaes , they were just DAMNNNN cute . =)
didnt really bbq , just sat dere nn waited ferh fo0d to come , the adults were doing the job , hahahs .. left at abt 11 , took 88 to popo's hse ..

okaes , ii`m jjust too lazy to blog much , but overall , had a great day YESTERDAY with the girls , nn today with that cutey xingying ! =)) nn ii`m extremely tired.

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it feels like , nn it seems like , everything's repeating itself all over again . for miie , at least . ii start wondering whr ii actually belong to , whether friends really treat miie as friends , & whether they are my friends ........ all these thought haf been flashing thru muh mind recently , c0s it seems like ii am alwaes the one who d0esnt kn0w wad myye friends are talking abt , ii just dont kn0w anything that they all do , which makes miie feel that ii d0nt haf a sense of belonging anywhere , nn makes miie feel lost . really . ii dont like this feeling , ii dd0nt wanna suffer nn suffocate again .. ii ddon wanna be feeling depressed nn unwanted again ..

spent 2 hrs at kfc chatting with the girls today . topic was mostly abt english . we talked abt h0w we felt abt english , nn ii shared with them muh childhood aspirations to be a writer .. =) ii swear , ii used to write really well , at least for a pri sch kid , ii did write better than many others , nn muh c0mpos are alwaes printed out and pinned somewhr in the class nn some kinda notice boards ard the canteen and the lib area ..! =D but ever since pri 6, ii met this eng tcher who's alwaes pressurizing us , having high expectations of us , nn alwaes forcing us to do english in a boring way like doing math .. nobody felt that english was one linguistic sub anym0re , nn m0st of us grew to dislike the teacher , nn furtherm0re , that subject .. we all refused to do her hw . that was when ii put d0wn muh pen , nn hardly able to hold it up again ever since .. ii've stopped writing loads whenever ii can , ii've stopped imagining weird ideas for muh compos .. ii haf sort of recovered myye interest nn passion for english nn for writing when mrs soh started teaching us , unfortunately , my penning skills are never regained .. ii cud haf all the grammar ii need , but ii had no m0re content , no m0re fresh nn interesting ideas nn twists in myye compos .. they're all dead nn boring nn flat .. the climax nn everything ii used to create for every of myye compo has disappeared .. it was kinda discouraging , nn depressing seeing mye work bec0ming such a standard , as compared to PRIMARY SCH . ii used to be able to write loads out of a topic like RUBBIN BIN . nn ii alwaes wrote abt RUBBISH BINS .. ii used to spend tym staring into the bin beside my study table nn just pick up a pen nn writing paper , nn ii starting scribbling contents into it. ii did . the contents of the rubbish bin , the uses of it , ii had things to write abt it . dere were also tyms wen tcher made us write situational stories , given a scenario to continue on , nn ii did horror stories that made chills go down my own spine ! "a chill went down my spine" , ii havent been using such a phrase for a LONG LONG TYM . ii was confident abt everything in english then , but n0w , it's getting all crappy .. ii've lost myye vocab , content , creativity , ideas , twists thru the storyline , skills . ii dd0nt even feel like ii shud belong to band1 like ii alwaes wud feel in pri sch .. urrgghhhh .. yepp , maybe ii shud start staring at this little bin beside myy comp desk n0w , nn think of things to write again .. ii really hope that being a writer wud come bak to miie as an aspiration ii want to pursue in future , just like it did for miie in the past .. ii want them all bak !!

okaes , so , for this whole week , it has been rather boring , nth outta the norms .. =/

ii wish sth p0pps up nn just spice up muh dead life a bit , myye life is soooo dull n0w .......

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w0oho0 !! it's house h0pping day todae ! hahhas .. =p yupyup , as the name suggests , we h0pped frm one hse to an0ther .. =) my hse was supp0sed to be the first st0p , but c0s ii woke up late , nn ii think it's a bit too early , changed to darreneng's hse instead . been to his hse once , but havent really explored . met xy darence weilo0n aloy(who had purple wax on his hair , which of course made the hair purple , funny .) darreneng at funland , nn pr0ceeded to darreneng's hse .. s0meh0w , at his hse , his damn lame nn b0ring toys nn figurines just entertain miie alot ! ii was like lame-ingly playing with all th0se toys , shooting them ard , making sound effects nn doing lame things to the toys tat are as lame as the toys are themselves .. ! ryan nn zuoyang came up to meet us after abt an hr .. gambled a bit , then left his hse , to go to muh hse . =)) darence wanted to go cut his hair , with grays0n , nn xy had to tag along , so the guys followed miie to muh hse first . they wanted to haf mac bef0re going muh hse , nn so we did . ate , then cr0ssed over to muh hse . loadsa ppl were at muh hse , muh relatives nn all .. hahas , made miie duper high , hyper nn HAAAAPPPPYYYY !! =DDD the guys stayed c0oped up in muh c0zy but rather warm nn squeezy rm , c0s muh family's outside , they are shy guys .. hahahas ! played ard , watched a bit of video clips nn all .. spent quite a few hrs at muh hse .. left muh hse at abt 8pm for zuoyang's hse .. took 88 , reached , nn went to the coffee sh0p to buy YUSHENG.. finally , reached his hse .. it was spacious , rather empty , n0t many furnitures ard , nn dere were quite some ppl at his hse alr , his relatives .. his family is great ! they're all really hospitable , fun nn well to get along ! his mother is REEEEAAAALLLLLYYYY young , nn ii jjust cudnt absorb or accept that fact that tat woman whom ii alm0st tot was his sister is his MOTHER . omg . tooooo younngggg !!! nn she's still in pretty good shape ! she wasnt well dressed up, so it wasnt really the way she dressed tat made miie think she looks young , she just did . she looks REALLY VERY EXTREMELY young ! ii was so shocked to hear tat she's zuoyang's mother, nn ii kept staring at her , wondering h0w zuoyang nn his older sister cud've popped outta her tummy some ten yrs ago ! it's just unbelievable !!!! omg .... ohh wadever .. started the LAOYUSHENG , we were like crazy barbarians , really anih0w , nn after LAO-ing , we just ate straight frm the big plate tat contained our super untidy LAO-ed YUSHENG , wen dere were paper plates right in front of us .... started all the gambling .. xy aloy zuoyang nn one of zuoyang's aunt played mahjong , nn ii sat at a side watching , c0s ii seldom see aniione play .. the other guys nn one of zuoyang's uncle sat on the floor in a big circle nn started all the poka card games .. the whole place looked like a noisy nn crowded gambling den ! everyone was like shouting nn laughing ! ii didnt play any of the games , just watched , nn kept bombarding eggchan with loadsa questions tat he d0esnt kn0w why ii`m asking him .. ahhas .. then ii m0ved to a corner playing the psp , nn so didnt really joined in much of the fun , but nvm, being dere is fun enuf , c0s they're all shouting ard , ii kn0w wad's going on even without being in the games .. ahhas .. at last , xy nn darence decided to go , while the other guys cud stay nn c0ntinue gambling nn such .. they were g0nna watch football into the night too ! nn yea , with zuoyan's family dere .. c0s really , they wanted to continue playing too .. aww .. ii can stay , if only xy is staying too , c0s if she d0esnt then ii`m the only gurl nn it's weird .. ? but she cann0t . she tried calling her mum nn begging her , but of course , to no avail , tat's why ii`m forced to come hm , nn having to miss out the fun the guys wud be having right at this m0ment .. omg .. i hate it , why am ii n0t a guy ? or why am ii n0t a gurl who d0esnt mind hanging ard with ALL guys .. ? then ii wudnt haf to miss out all the fun EVERYTIME . c0s ii CAN , but it's weird without an0ther girl acc0mpanying miie , so ii CANT . cabbed hm, c0s the last bus had left alr , it was abt 12 then .. nn yea , bak hm , MISSING OUT ALL THE FUN . but overall for today , ii`m HAPPPYY !! =D

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II WATCED MUHH FIRST NC16 MOVIE TODAYYY !!!! =DD hahahs .. yeps , after sch , rushed hm to change while wt kim nn nana attended their eng remedial less0ns , then cabbed to the grand cathay which c0sts 11 whole big fat bucks !!! frm amk to dhoby ghaut ! goodness , governments are really bloodsuckers !! scary .... okaes , queued nn the girls came frm j8. wt kim nn ii bot the tix for JUNO , c0s we're all officially 16 ! =p muahahahahs .. it's quite a boring sh0w , no climax or wadever .. nth like surprising , just a really "sm0oth-sailing" kinda typical m0vie .. yup ..
dinner at longjohn with only nette nn wt after the m0vie , talked abt loadsa crappy things , AS USUAL .. hahahahs ! =D
bak to popo's place , hung ard nn n0w , hm.

ii`m dead beat so n0t talking too much .. g0tta slp early , g0nna go HOUSE HOPPING tml , with some 2e3`o6 ppl .. =)

nitenite , guess ii`ll dr0p by an0ther tym to update uu guys abt muh torturous nn BORING life n0w . grr . =p

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yepyep, it's finally new year !! =)) been counting d0wn , nn finally it's here ! FINALLY !! all the highly anticipated ANGBAOS and FOOOOODDD !! =)) omg omg omg !!! ii jjust cant settle down !!! muahahhahahaahahas !! jjust toooooo excited !! wahhahahas !! okaes , ii dunno wad to sayyyy .... !!! hahahas ..

after sch on wednesday, went swimming with the gurls, nn REUNION DINNER !! the food is wad makes miie happy, n0t the ppl ii`m g0nna spend the evening with. definitely not. after dinner, went to chinatown for the countdown, to see the firecrackers nn get the mood boiling... hhhahahhahahahas !! met xy nn the rest after the countdown nn as usual , took lotsa pics! =) [[dd0nt think ii`ll be uploading, too lazy..]]

seriously, this post is g0nna be quite random , nn anih0w , cos ii`m kinda lost for words , too happy nn high .. WAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAS..

nn somehow , ii still think everything's too rushy nn sudden this yr , most of us arent too ready yet .. !

nn ii kept losing muh things. first , xy broke muh handbag ferh cny , second , muh schbag also broke, and lastly, ii lost muh beloved new belt , AT THE LAST MIN ! ii t0t ii left it in the car , so ii didnt get it , c0s anw ii haf to get onto the car to go out , but wen we were all ready to go , ii cudnt find the belt on the car !!! grrrr .. ! aaaaand dere was a big fuss outta it , ii didnt wanna leave without finding muh belt , nn in the end , had to grab an0ther one , which is of course nice , but a bit clashy with the other colors ii had on miie alr .. gahhhh ... wadever ..

first day- visiting nn collecting angbaos, chun dao he pan.
second day-visiting nn collecting angbaos nn gambling a bit, watched CJ7 with the whole family !
third day-visiting nn collecting little angbaos, chun dao he pan.
-went to a relative's hse , ii dunno who , which was rather huge , bigger than nana's , maybe , but dere were definitely m0re rms .. she had a daughter , an only one , nn 2 weeks bef0re cny , the daughter wanted 2 huskies , nn so muh relative g0t 2 huskies ferh her daughter . we saw it , it was still white , the grey fur havent really darkened out yet , so they looked somewhat like little polar bears !!! really really extremely CUUUUTTTTEEEE !!! aunt held one in her hand like holding a real baby , nn rubbed its tummy , nn tat little doggy wrapped its arms ard aunt's hand !!!!! its paws are totally white , n0t those black ones , so they look like round furr balls ard aunt's hand ... OMG ........ ii wasnt carrying muh fone with miie , had to walk quite a distance to get it frm myye bag in the living rm .. =p
fourthday-SENTOSA for the flower gallery thing . =)) took loadsa pics . =)

okaes , finished random-ing alr . =)
byebye .


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"好累啊!" & "very tired...!" haf alr bec0me the c0mmon quotes hanging by every corner of everyone's mouths nowadays. yeps , we're all exhausted, frm schooling, work , nn all the stress ! tat's the reas0n (more like an excuse) why ii hardly blog, I`M TIRED, and LAZY. yet another hectic, busy week has passed , didnt post on the weekend, was too held up by all the other things ii had to do .. like , preparing ferh CNY ! sh0pping ard , getting the things we need ferh CNY , hunting ferh this nn that .. gahhs , nn ii haf yet to get muh dress !! we'll be heading d0wn to far east tml , to do s0me m0re shopping .. !! =D hope ii`ll find muh dress , awww ..

it's a wednesday today . went to do CIP at the bishan hm ferh the intellectually disabled .. ii was really scared to go dere , to go near the residents dere .. ii mean , n0t tat ii think they are dirty or tat ii despise them , it's tat , ii dunno h0w to c0mmunicate with them , h0w to help them , ii dd0nt haf tat patience ! ii jjus didnt kn0w h0w to handle them , like , wad if ii pr0voked them ?! these ppl are sensitive ones , ii wudnt kn0w wad to do .. ! walked dere as a class after sch , seperated into grps -one ferh cleaning up the canteen area , one to do up the garden , and the last one , which ii was in , had to do the activities we planned , with the residents in the home . yups . we were brot upstairs to the third floor , whr the ladies dwell . pr0bably bec0s girls are less aggressive , it wud be easier ferh us to handle them . stood by the corridor nn waited to go into the rm nn start the activities with th0se residents . as we waited , we heard a voice frm the second floor , a man screaming , nn banging on things . luckily we gurls except ferh huanni , didnt look down . a man was running ard . NAKED . as the corridor wasnt quite wide , we cud easily glance at the storey downstairs , nn see the naked man running abt , the guys covered us . they just sto0d dere to block our view frm frm seeing obscene things .. great , pr0tective nn gentlemanly guys they are , our class guys . =)) okaes , we were led into an area , like a little "gallery" whr we had a view of the hall downstairs .. residents were practising on stage , CNY songs nn perf0rmances .. ii was really scared , didnt dare go near the women sitting dere waiting ferh us .. but after a while , ii eased a bit , nn got along pretty well with th0se ladies .. they were all middle aged women , poor them .... let them do some coloring nn drawing of cards . =) on of them drew a house , nn wen asked wad that is , SHE SAID IT WAS HER HOME , BISHAN HOME. really touching ! awwww ... hahhas . as the session came to an end , ii was feeling unexpectedly reluctant , didnt wanna leave , still wanted to haf m0re fun with the residents dere , altho it wasnt easy c0mmunicating with them .. hahas .. had a de-brief , walked bak to sch , nn hm .

seriously , ii didnt want to enter that hm at all at first , was really nervous , ii didnt know wad wud happen next , h0w ii was going to hand th0se ppl in dere .. but as we interacted , ii got to kn0w tat they are nice ppl , only tat their mentality is of kids much younger than they really are .. seeing the smiles on their faces that we brought to them , made miie feel proud , nn a tingling bit of touched .. =D it feels good to do sth meaningful like this .. ! =))

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HAPPY SWEET 16TH TO MIIIIEEEE !! yepyep , ii've turned 16 , ytd ! =)) ii can watch nc16 , ii can go for underage parties at pubs nn clubs , nn ii can bully m0re ppl younger than miie !! =D muahahahahhahas ! celebrated myye big day with the gurls ytd .. supp0sed to go ice skating , but a few cudnt make it , so the others werent much in the mo0d to go alr .. so we decided to go watch 27 dresses .. =) the screen at the box office said the tix ferh our movie's sold out , but nette decided to ask the man at the counter again , nn he said dere were still 5 seats left on the first row ! wooohooo! rushed down to giant to purchase our snacks nn wadever , nn rushed bak up again , in tym to catch our movie .. it was really a nice m0vie ! =) went to the rooftop after the movie , nn the gurls were trying so hard to light the muffins/cupcakes they g0t ferh miie , but the wind was too string , so only managed to light up one .. hahahahs .. nvm , blew it , THEN made a wish .. hahahas ! they tried to spray the whip cream on miie , the one we bot for kim's bdae , but it's expired or sth , so they cudnt spray it on anyone .. hahahs .. kim had to rush hm , so the rest of us just walked ard for a bit , nn packed dinner to eat at the rooftop .. they went hm , nn ii went to chinatown to meet muh family after tat .. =))

ohyea , the gurls gave miie a beautiful scrapbk! why issit beautiful ? c0s dere are loadsa pics of MIIE inside mahh .. hahhas , just joking .. hahas , it is beautiful , bec0s it's made by them , with their own efforts . tat scrapbk c0sts m0re than everything else , to me , it is PRICELESS . THANKS DEARS ! lovesloves ! =D

altho we didnt go to the highly anticipated (by miie) ice skating , but ii did enjoy muhself LOADS, bec0s ii was with this bunch of great girlfrens , they just make miie happy !! =)

ohyah , THANKS to vien , xy nn darence too , ferh tat sweet mug they gave me .. (cant bear to use it , it'll be a display in muh hse , hahahas ! ) =p

and and and , of course , ii wont ferget th0se who sent me their well wishes nn wished miie happy bdae early in the morning ( nn whom also woke miie up by doing so) ! =D


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ii`m 16 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahhhhahahahahahhas !!!!!!!!!! ppl out dere , be careful !!! ii`m 16 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahahahhahhahas !!!!!

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it's a friday again . an0ther tiring and hectic week has passed .. havent been free to come blog .. gahs . thrashed with loadsa work ! dere's this idiotic eng pr0j .. ohhhh , ii miss mrs s0h !!!

fone's lcd cracked on wednesday , went down to wheelock's nokia to get it repaired , with nana to repair her toilet bowl fone . ahahas .. but the person told us we haf to pay , even with warranty , it's stated in the warranty card , tat if the fone is wet , or pr0bs with lcd , cant be fixed ferh free . gahs ... so nana came to muh ahma hse , sold her fone , c0s some retailers do take in spoilt fones , even fones tat've took a dip in the pool of urine nn shit . they are noble huhh. =) aunt lent miie her 6110 to use , while ii g0tta think of wad fone ii wanna change tat's within budget .. ii`m considering 6110, c0s the camera's pretty good , nn ii like the front camera , but ii just dd0nt like the looks of the fone , the size nn everiithing , ii just wanna change to sth totally different , slim nn sleek , nn nice. I WANT A FONE WITH FRONT CAMERA , WHICH IS SLIM , SLIMMER THAN MY 6280, AT LEAST , OR NICER IN THE DESIGN . FUNCTIONS .. NOT TOO COMPLICATED ONES ARE PREFERRED .. quality of speaker d0esnt matter much to me , ii`m n0t like th0se guys who love blasting music on the buses nn everiiwhr ! so , ANY RECOMMENDATIONS ? =)

myye mind is at a total loss , ii dunno wad to do , wad to buy . so many things to cho0se frm frm th0se blogs , none in the real shopping malls . pr0bably c0s ii've seen nicer things on the blogs , so th0se normal things out dere dd0nt attract miie much aniim0re .. hahhas . anyways , THE OWNER OF THE WHITE SHIRT II ORDERED SMSED ME , NN TOLD ME THEY DONT PRODUCE THIS SHIRT ANYMORE !!!!! WAD SHUD I DO ??!!! OMG , II'VE BEEN WAITING NN WAITING , SO EXCITED TO GET MUH SHIRT NN TRY IT ON NN ALL , BUT SHE SUDDENLY TOLD ME THEY'VE STOPPED PRODUCING ?!! OMG .... I GAVE HER MUH ACC NO , SO TAT SHE CAN TRANSFER BAK THE MONEY , BUT IT'S STILL NOT RECEIVED YET . OMG , II'M GETTING SO PANICKY NOW ...... AHHHH .... OHYEA , PPL, DO HELP ME KEEP A LOOKOUT FERH SHIRTS SIMILAR TO THE ONE II WANT . ii've p0sted a pic of the shirt bef0re , so just scroll down nn see that white shirt , nn help me lookout for it kkaes ? =))

just got hm frm sch , learned new topic ferh emath , love this teacher so much , compared to that lingSHIT . the way this one teaches , steady , just the right speed , really clear nn understandable , nn n0t so sarcastic nn evil , AND , d0esnt look like a bloody evil ugly disgusting irritating TOAD. didnt go ferh cca fair . =) on the way hm , saw a really strange sight across the sky . ii dunno h0w to describe , nn ii cant draw it out , so yea .. it's just strange . like ..... strange laa !! ii kept staring at the sky , while cr0ssing the road , nn g0t horned by the driver. gaaaahh .

kkaes , g0tta go alr , buhhbyes . !! =)

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wow .... ii havent been here ferh quite a while alr .. hahas . been extremely lazy , nn busy of course .. what with all the hw nn exhaust .. well okays , ii did use the comp , but was rather lazy to do much typing .. hahas .. =p

lunched with the gurls at one 0f balestier's BAK KUT TEH on fri afterno0n . we didnt kn0w which one to go , dere were quite a number of them .. the one tat ii wanted to go was at the coffee sh0p outside muh pri sch , it's the BLACK color s0up type .. errm , ii guess tat's the h0kkien one .. yups . but we went to an0ther one down the road , which has a really aged , yet beautiful nn vintage interior .. it wasnt designed on purpose to be tat old , it WAS tat old . we t0t such an olden style might bring us m0re delicious nn traditional BAK KUT TEH . but yea , it was a disapp0intment .. wad we had was TEOCHEW style bak kut teh , which ii didnt like . the pepper taste was too heavy tat the original taste was lost , nn the meat was too hard , not the hard yet tasty nn Q tat sort of hard but just tat infuriating kind of hard , whr it's hard to sink ur teeth in .. yeps .. we had a discount , ii haf no idea why , pr0bably they tot us cute , to visit such a place , to taste such food tat ppl n0wadays wont bother to .. ppl n0w want things f ast , convenient nn at places COMFORTABLY WITH AIRCON , derefore no one wud bother g0ing to places like the one we've been .. left tat place , walked d0wn the street to arrive at HOUSE OF TAU SAR PIAH . ii bot quite a variety of tau sar piahs ferh mum . =)) it's really tasty !! omg . 3 yrs in bhps , been walking ard balestier so much but ii actually didnt realise all these sh0ps ard balestier .. bllaaahhh ... nette's hse after tat . played TWISTER . it was hilarious ! ferh kim , at least , she kept laughing non-stop nn so failed to put her limbs properly on the patches of color she was directed to , kept felling down ! errms , we've taken pics , of our m0st unglam poses ! hahahahahhaaas !! hm after tat .. =)
ahhh , had a really nice nn happening day with the gurls , great tym ! =) it's our day on fridays ! =D

worked with nana on saturday , slacked a bit .. no one wants to take the flyers ! nette nn sammy came to meet us during lunch , nn left ferh their tuition .. nana nn ii came up with a plan to make ppl take . one of us pretended to be like everyone else , shopping nn going up the escalator .. we wud take lead on the escalator , take the flyer , nn most of the ppl at the bak , seeing th0se in front taking , wud accept the offer too !! =) nn an0ther idea of mine was , ii wud take a small stack of flyers , take the escalator with the crowd , try to squeeze in between them to pass thru , nn then hand them the flyer after they've made way ferh miie . they cant run , ii'll just be standing dere beside them till they take , or till we reached the other end of the escalator .. hehes , genius eh ? =p finally , tym's uppp !!!! returned the flyers nn took our first payyyy !! wahhahahahs ! $40 , cold hard cash ! yeaaaa !! g0nna spend them on muh new yr clothes , save the remaining ferh after Os . =)

okays . nth m0re to say alr .. ii shall be bak wen ii wish to , nn wen tym permits miie to . =) uhm , tat wud depend on the teachers , the amt of work they pile up upon us . =p so llooonng , ppl . =D

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hii !! it's the sec0nd day of sch alr, nn it's all been kinda confusing , new teachers , lotsa things to s0rt out all over again .. nn h0mework's starting to pile up !! m0nstrous days are abt to start , n0w tat we're in sec4 alr .. gaaaaah !! ii was late wen meeting vien ytd m0rning , c0s the bus came at a different tyming , n0t the usual tym , nn ii missed the earlier one .. yupps .. was quite in a happy nn excited m0od , but dreading the h0meworks laa .. hahas . =p

went to collect spects nn br0t pepper to the vet after tat .. as usual , v0mitted alot , car sick .. ii meant pepper , n0t miie .. hahahas ! the skin at the sides of his n0se is peeling , dunno why , but he d0esnt look uncomfortable abt it or wad , so br0t him to a vet .. d0c says he has infection .. haiis , he's alwaes sniffing ard , no matter wad it is, he wud give it a sniff , even if it's sth tat he's alr familiar with ! ahh , naughty pepper .. po0r thing ..

today. met our new emath teacher .. hahahhahahas !!! we are n0t with LINGSHIT alr !! muahahhahahs !! YEAHHHHHSSS !!! wahahhahahahs !! finally !!! tat sarcastic piece of smelly SHIT !!! muahhahahahahahhas !! we g0t mschew , the old one .. she's good , explains kinda clear , but jjus a bit naggy , longwinded actually .. hahahs .. she laughs alot , m0re to herself , c0s we dd0nt find it quite funny .. hahahs .. aniiwaes , she's truckloads , nono , PLANEloads better than tat men0pause piece of sarcastic smelly shit w0man !!!!! =D
mrs s0h's left , miss seah's taking over . w0w , frm band4 , she g0t promoted to teach the band1 .. but she sucks . seriously . lame nn wadever .. so n0t mrs s0h-ish . made us do some childish ice breaking thing , wen we're in sec4 nn we kn0w each other alr ..! omg . ii cant stand it , ii dunn0 h0w we're g0nna endure the rest of the year with her as our english teacher ! ii guess ii might flunk with her help .. ii'd prefer sharifah , strict but better , d0esnt do childish nn lame nn n0nsensical things , nn .. ahhhh ! jjust better in many ways alth0 n0t as ideal as our mrs s0h laa ! the rest of the teachers , so far , are still the same , except maybe ferh hist0ry .. yups ..

ABT NEW YEAR CELEBRATION TAT DAY , ii`ll keep it brief , c0s ii`m lazy .. hahhas .. bbq-ed , played the sparkles at the playgrd nn c0ntinued bbq-ing .. had fun , enj0yed , laughed nn chatted .. =)) wrote our resolutions d0wn , stuffed them into a glass bottle nn buried it .. hahahs . =) g0nna open it next yr , nn see if they are achieved . =) the rest left , ii stayed over at nana's hse .. did a bit of hw here nn dere , but actually , we were c0mputering m0st of the tym .. watching HEROES , m0seschan nn jjus used the c0mp .. slept at 8am , nn w0ke up at no0n , went hm after changing , nn c0llapsed onto muh bed , c0ntinued to slp ..

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wahhahahahas ! at kat's hse n0w , ii`m the only stayin at nana's hse .. the rest left alr .. stayed to do hw together .. hahahs . ltr then start laa .. ahhas ..

hmms , ii`ll blog abt today wen ii get hm tml afterno0n . =))

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ok. muh c0mp's fixed. finally . ii dunno the difference , ii only kn0w many things are missing ! all the softwares we've downloaded are g0ne . all muh nice fonts are gone . all the microsoft offices are gone. g0tta redownload nn install all these alr .. g0odness , it's such a hassle ! so much to do ! all the online sh0pping sites are gone ! shit. ii ferhg0t which is the one ii got muh shirt frm , the shirt tat ii ordered !! nn the blog tat has the bag ii wanted !! ii think ii recorded them in muh fone .. hahas . good thing muh own pics nn songs arent deleted .. =)

II CANT WAIT FERH TML AGAIN !!! IT'S GONNA BE NEW YR !!! g0ing nana's hse with the gurls ferh bbq , nn to countdown . =D h0pe kimkim can go , it wont be fun with one pers0n less.. !!!

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hello. ii`m at nana's hse n0w .. just did elearn with the girls . hahahs , we didnt really do , only kim nn weet0ng did , then the rest just used their ans .. muahahhahhas .. =DD tried to do hw , but were playing nn laughing ard instead .. nana's bro came hm with his frens , it's his bdae today .. dere were some girls , his juni0r , dancing outside the rm nn we were like laughing at them , nn wen ii went out with nana to send kim weet0ng nette nn sammy hm , one of the gurls called miie . it was JIAYEAN . muh pri sch fren !! ii didnt rec0gnise her , ii cudnt see her face wen they were dancing , it was kinda dark dere .. gahs . wth , nana's bro fren is myye fren !! nn nana said she came here quite a num of tyms liiao .. goodness , meeting muh fren in an0ther fren's hse , nn .. wadeva , so weird !! gaaaahhhh .. !!

okaes , the rest haf left , muii nn ii are still here .. ii wanna complete muh hw !! ii cant complete at hm c0s ii dunno h0w to do , but d0wn here with frens ii wud jjus wanna haf fun .. gahs . wadeva , g0tta complete it ALL (h0pefully) by today larhhh !!

aiiy0hhhhhh , it still feels soooo weird !!! c0s jiayean's d0wnstairs , nn ii`m up here , nn ii kn0w she's dere , nn we're n0t like hanging ard nn doing wadeva ppl do wen they meet old frens .. like , wad do they do actually .. ?? uhm .. gaaaaaaaahhhhh .

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gahs , haf been lazy to come ferh the past few days .. =p

xmas , met up with the gurls ard evening , wearing cl0thes tat matches our XMAS THEME , went ferh dinner at pastamania , squeezed ferh a while at orchard road .. the gurls didnt like all the squeezing , so decided to leave , didnt kn0w whr to go , so we just st0pped at a random bus st0p in bishan area , waited ferh 12am , finished up the champagne , nn hm .. gahs . altho ii didnt think it was much fun , c0s ii wanted to be at orchard with the squeezing cr0wd =p , but yea , it was mem0rable , nn at least it wasnt too bad , c0s ii was with muh bunch of guls ..! =D of course , took loadsa funny pics , ii havent got them, the others haf ii guess .. hahahs .. wad a christmas celebrati0n , no one can ever think of celebrating it like that ! we haf the brains nn creativity .. ! =D muahhahahahahs ..

today , or rather , since last night , fever came kn0cking on MY door . shucks , yea , ii g0t fever , a slight one tho , but feeling just as terrible as the last tym ii had the fever .. bed ridden ferh alm0st the whole day .. took panadol nn just kept sleeping nn waking up , sleeping then waking up again .. tat's wad happens to miie wen ii fall sick , ii cant sleep ferh m0re than an hr or 2 . ii forced muhself to slp , n0t tat ii`m really tired or wad , but if ii stay awake , ii'd feel terrible , so ii had to go to slp , but it never lasts .. gahhs .. luckily ii had a 2 pretty nice dreams during th0se one or 2 hrs ii slept .. hahahhahs !! shant say this one either .. =p felt soo sooo soo much better in the evening , ii cud wake up to haf a drink nn to bathe , nn at abt 8 , ii felt energetic alr .. called mum nn met her at tpy central , to make muh new spects . ii was late , c0s afterall , ii`m still a sick patient ok ! g0tta do things a bit slowly , or else , like the last tym , ii pant alot , get outta breath for m0ving a little muscle .. so yea , cabbed instead .. ii didnt haf muh spects on , even if ii did , muh degree's increased so ii cant see with this old spects , nn it was dark , ii saw the green light nn ii jjust hailed . dere were 2 green lights , the one tat reached miie first , nn which ii boarded , was MERCEDES taxi . it was $3.20 wen ii b0arded . gosh . bomb . the driver was kinda chatty , in a friendly manner , but ii didnt kn0w wad to reply him ! felt weird .. reached , it was $6. dere g0es muh m0ney . haiiiis ... wadever. tested muh eyesight , right side remained- 170, left side increased 50 degrees to bec0me- 170 degrees too . =( soo deep .. gahhs .. saw a nice BRONZE colored one , but still preferred aunt's old frame , so ii`m g0nna use tat one .. she hasnt wore this pair bef0re , c0s she said the degree was a bit odd , made her feel really giddy , nn a few weeks after buying it , she's decided to do lasik , so she d0esnt need it aniim0re .. hahhas .. for the whole tym at the optic , mum was g0ing like, "make contact lens lah , n0t scary de larh , n0t scary de lahh , why xy dare to try uu dd0nt dare ....." grr , driving miie crazy . ii dunno if ii shud , ii dd0nt think ii'd dare to , altho ii really wan to wear it .. gahhs .. wadever. done with the glasses , popo's place after tat .

mum passed miie a red packet with $50 inside , aunt janny nn uncle dave gave miie , AS XMAS PRESENT ! they didnt kn0w wad to get miie nn gor , so gave us $50 each . younger bro g0t a watch nn a rem0te control car .. YEAHHH !! II HAF $50 MORE TO SPENDDDD !!! WOOHOOOO !!!and n0w , maybe after receiving tat $50 angbao , ii feel at my best condition ! =)) ii`m n0t sick alr , ii dd0nt feel sick nn ii dd0nt haf fever aniim0re . =)

okaes , g0nna go nana's hse to do hw tml . =)

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ii jjus g0t hm . went to collect the skinnies ferh muhself nn the gurls . hahas , it was raining heavily , nn ii b0arded the mrt !!! =DD finally , ii g0t to take the mrt wen it's raining heavily outside .. hahhahas!!
amk hub ferh GIFT HUNTING after c0llect the skinnies .. didnt really hunt , dere were only th0se few gift sh0ps , so ii dd0nt needa hunt ferh long , but had to SQUEEZE nn get SQUASHED alot .. gahhs .. human traffic JAM is everiiwhr !! cudnt find anth within budget , either th0se are left with displays nn are in bad conditions , or dere's nth nice or usable abt the things .. so ii went a bit bey0nd the budget .. =p but it's sth nice , nn the words on it is meaningful ..! =))


hmms , did ii mention , tat aunt alr bot the blak bagpack frm bugis ferh miie .. ? hehehes .. ii went bak dere with aunt nn xy ytd night , the lady rec0gnised miie , nn said she was sh0cked tat ii really went bak to get the bag , so gave miie quite a disc0unt .. frm $45 , to $40 , then to $38 .. =)) xy g0t a liquid eyeliner , she didnt want a bag .. yeps ..

so , ii havent d0ne muh hw ! was supp0sed to do today , but had to collect the skinnies , nn since ii was out , went to get the present too .. came bak , nn ii t0t the rm , or rather , jjus muh bed alone , was in a TOTAL MESS ! cudnt stand it , cleared up a bit , nn n0w , a day has gone by , wasnt a waste of tym , but still , ii cudnt do muh hw !! ii must get it d0ne bef0re newyr c0untd0wn !!


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ii`m still very at a loss !! aunt's g0nna bring miie to bugis at night , later . gosh , shud ii really get the bag .. ??!! wad if she d0esnt wanna get it ferh miie wen the set of harryp0tter bks comes out .. ?? BAG OR BKS .. ?? BAG OR BKS ? BAG OR BKS ??!!!!!

OKAYS , ii bot the blouse alr , but ii`ve g0t to wait ferh 2 weeks . gahhs .

then the blue bag . REALLY , shud ii get it .. ???!!!!

nn the br0wn vintage bag . SHUD II USE MUM'S OR GET THE NEW ONE .. ?!!

okaes , ii've g0tta do hw , fast !! ii really dunn0 h0w to start .. gahhhhhss ..!!! emath , ii thik ii've g0t to do tat first , then chinese nn chem . ii'll leave bio to the last .. ii dd0nt even kn0w if ii can complete any of it .. !!!!

ah , this sh0ws it , ii`m n0t a decisive pers0n at all . grr .
ii hate it n0w . everiithing . wadever .

ii had a dream , a VERY VERY NICE DREAM . =) better than all the harryp0tter , spiderman nn wadever ones .. =))))) unfortunately , mum w0ke miie up at the climax . arggh ! ii g0t bak to slp after tat , the dream didnt c0me bak , nn wen ii w0ke again , ii cudnt rmb tat dream alr .. only some parts of it .. it just felt sooooo real !!! =D wish ii cud dream of this dream every night . =)))

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OKAES , WHITE BLOUSE IN THE PREVIOUS POST , II BOT IT . ON MYYY OWNNN !!! HAHAHHAHAHHAS !! II ORDERED IT ON MYYYY OWN !!!! =DD so ii`m really scared n0w , c0s ii dd0nt kn0w if ii wud get it d0ne correctly .. hahhas .. ii ch0se bank transfer , which is worse , ii might type in the wr0nt acc num !! but ii dd0nt wanna waste muh tym meeting up jjust to pay ..


first , aunt wants to get miie sth better ferh xmas , to make it up to miie , c0s ii cudnt go to hk with them . ii saw a SET of harryp0tter bks ytd at popular , but the seventh bk is NOT included yet , nn ii menti0ned it to aunt , n0t on purp0se or h0ping tat she cud get it ferh miie .. nn ii sp0tted the IDEAL sch bagpack the other day at bugis with the gurls , nn ii told her tat ii wanted a sch bag alr . pr0b n0w is , she wants to buy miie sth better ( in a sense , m0re ex , ii guess ), so she thinks she shud get miie the set of harryp0tter bks , WEN THE SEVENTH is included , which ii wont kn0w wen it will be .. ( ii might haf to fonr ROWLING to ask her .. hahahs ! ) so which one shud ii cho0se .. ?? bks , or bag ? the bks c0st $112.25 , still excluding the seventh bk .. the bag c0sts $30+, nn ii wud need it m0re ..
ii haf a solution actually . she buys the bag ferh miie , nn pr0bably , h0pefully , next yr wen the seventh harryp0tter bk is included in the set , ii wud ask her to buy it ferh miie , next yr . =)
shud it be d0ne this way .. ?
c0s ii was thinking , if she d0esnt wanna buy the FULL set of bks ferh miie wen it c0mes out , pr0bably next yr , h0pefully , then ii wud haf to wait till abt ten yrs later , wen ii even haf muh own hm , then ii can set up a library nn get all the bks ii wanttt !!! =D

sec0nd . aunt wants miie to change muh f0ne to 6110 . ii dd0nt haf others in muh mind , except n76 , which she wud NEVER get ferh miie , after seeing all the pr0bs p00ping up in xy's fone .. ii've tried 6110's camera , if uu take pics at night or in the dark , it's FUGLY . the effect jjust SUCKS. myye sto0pid old fone is A THOUDAND TYMS better . but of course , during the day or at a brighter place , it's damn SHARP , uu wudnt kn0w it's a 2 megapic camera . the s0unds are pretty clear .. but ii dd0nt wanna use a slide fone again , either ii want a flip , or a classic one . but she's persuading (actually alm0st forcing ) miie into getting it !!! telling miie h0w go0d it is , all the reas0ns ii shud take this than any others .. wad shud ii do .. ?!

then the bag . shud ii get tat electric blue bag in the previ0us post .. ??! ii really dd0nt kn0w . it's c0nfirmed tat ii wud get the black bagpack ferh sch frm bugis no matter wad , even if aunt diedie oso wanna get the harryp0tter bks ferh miie .. but this blue bag , ii really dd0nt kn0w if it wud be w0rth buying .. ii jjust cant decide .. ii haf tried to decide , NOT to buy , or to wait till ii've finished getting ALL the things NEEDED , but s0me devils in muh mind keep tempting miie tah grab it .. !

nn the other bag , the br0wn retro/vintage one .. ii jjust went to dig out mum's again .. ii might haf to bring it s0mewhr to fix a bit of it , but otherwise it's pretty go0d , except tat it looks really old .. we cud take it tat it's all the design , all the fading colors nn stuff , it d0esnt look too awful , esp after uu think it in tat way .. hahhas . so , shud ii get it .. tat can wait , actually , till after cny wen ii haf the m0ney , c0s the capping order is ZERO so far .. hardly aniione appreciates it LAH .

nn as ferh the dress , als0 in the previ0us post , ii wud take the one in black , c0s it's a seperate piece frm the white shirt inside , nn the ribb0n belt on it , alth0 they do come with the dress too .. but ferh the grey one , it's a ONE PIECE, so ii think it wont look too nice , nn it's n0t very good , ii cant change the inside to a blouse instead .. pr0b n0w is , SHUD II EVEN GET IT .. ???!!!

HELP MIIE , PPL ... !!!!!!!

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IS THIS BLOUSE NICE ? hehehs , ii LOVE this BLOUSE alot .. =) oh yea , btw, look at the bag she's carrying , it's n0t ferh sale lahs , but tat's abt wad ii`m looking for too , ii wud be carrying it like in the pic on the right , the backview of the person..
WHICH ONE LOOKS NICER ? grey or blak ? it's 2 different designs , the grey one has it in blak too .. ii cant decide which one looks nicer ...

SHUD II get this ? ii like it alot , s0rta retro retro .. been trying to find for a long tym , but n0t sure if ii really wanna buy . mum has it , old one , tat's why ii dunno if ii shud get this . mum's is not plain tho ..

SHUD II ?? mum reck0ns this sorta material wont last , she's ok if ii buy if it's meant ferh cny too , but ii`m n0t sure if it's worth buying , th0 ii really like it , the color ii mean .. haiis .. dere's only this ONE AND ONLY , owner bot it frm taiwan nn is selling it only c0s she needs cash , n0t used , tag still dere . so , SHUD II ? this is the hardest to decide , c0s ii alr haf another sch bag on muh mind , aunt wud be paying ferh tat tho .. so ii dunno if ii shud get this ..
gaaaahhhhs .. ii`m so troubled n0w .. ii dunno , lotsa things on muh mind n0w , seems like ii`ve g0t loads to do , but ii`m really unsure wad exactly do ii need to get d0ne .. ii dunno , like , ii`ve loads to buy , loads to do .. nn ii really g0tta get muh spects bef0re sch term starts! this old one w0nt make it aniim0re , ii cant see anth with it .. !!
went out with nana vien nn nette ytd , first to bugis then to far east . =) bot quite a lot , causing a terrible ache in muh heart !! for the m0ney .. ='(( but of course , ii feel content seeing the things ii bot . =)) nn ii still haf loads to buy online . =) only ii still dunno h0w to , so many blogs , so many diff rules tat ii can hardly understand ! =p had a LONG LONG chat over lunch at long john .. ! hhahahs , it's nice chatting with the gurls ferh so long , it's fun .. hahahas .. nn was hm late . =)

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ii think BATS love BANANAS . yes , they do .

mum hardly buys bananas c0s only ii eat it , but last saturday afterno0n , mum bot a bunch of bananas nn hung it in the kitchen , on the cabinet near the window. tat night , nn the following night , we n0ticed tat a few of the bananas seemed to be bitten by wad we t0t - rats. but rats wud swall0w the banana , nn n0t leaving bits of skin nn some crumbs behind . nn rats are n0t likt th0se chipmunks in the m0vie , whereby they jump up0 nn d0wn ard the place .. tat bunch of bananas was too high out of reach of rats .. we decided to leave the bananas dere to see if we can catch the creature tat's eating it . on m0nday, the wh0le family was out , nn at night wen we came hm , turned on the lights in the living rm sth brown nn abt the size of a cr0w came flying into the living rm , scaring mum , bro nn miie out of our wits . it was a BAT . the wings , as ii saw, was webbed , the feathers looked m0re like fur then feathers , tat thing looked hairy rather than feathery , nn by the way it flew nn such , it jjus didnt look like a bird , so ii reck0ned it was a bat . screamed nn ran outta the hse , nn the bat disappeared , dad searched the whole hse but it seemed like it'd left ..

coincidentally , dad b0t lottery on friday nn struck on saturday . =) uncle said bats bring wealth .. all the chinese sayings lahs ..

2 days ago , on a saturday also , mum bot a bunch of bananas again .. not exactly bec0s of the "wealth it brot , but c0s ii made her buy it .. hahas . =p we didnt dare hang it out again , left it on the table inside the plastic bag covering it .. ii havent eaten it after mum bot it on saturday c0s ii cant rmb to , n0t seeing it hung dere to remind miie tat dere's a bunch of banana in the hse .. =p so ii asked her to hang it up so tat ii can rmb to eat .. less than half an hr after hanging it up, which is just n0w , ii saw the BAT in the hse AGAIN . ii was sitting in the living rm with mum watching tv , the scene was dark , so ii cud see reflection , nn ii saw sth flying out frm mum's rm , turned behind nn screamed , it was the BAT AGAIN ! everiiwhr was bright , with lights on , except mum's rm so ii guess it must've flew in dere to hide or sth .. so ii screamed nn it flew bak into the kitchen nn outta the window , but BACK AGAIN , into muh bedrm , muh younger bro's in dere , he screamed nn ran out , the bat flew out with him , into the kitchen nn outta the window again !

bloody bat , it's hm must be the tree right outside the window of the kitchen , or it wudnt be so quick to find out abt the bunch of bananas in muh kitchen !!

nn so , mum says she'll be buying lottery ferh this week . ahhahahhas .. ! =D

nn yea , we'll be c0mplaining to the town c0uncil , of course .. bats can bite okays , nn are danger0us .. ! ii t0t they only live in caves , hahahs ..

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in the end , ii still went ferh the bbq..

xy nn the rest came bak frm china ytd evening , nn gave out our presents .. wasnt alot , as ii said , c0s it's all winter wear nn they cud hardly get anth except ferh some access0ries .. yups .. rested ferh a while nn went to fetch PEPPER frm MUFFIN's place .. =)) they are both soooo cute !! hahahas .. alwaes cuddling together .. !! hahhas , missed PEPPER soooo much ! glad to haf him bak here . =)))

nn dere were calls frm the guys in 2e3`o6 since ytd evening .. c0s after ii knew no gurls were going except ferh miie nn xy , ii didnt really feel like g0ing either .. xy wud definitely be sticking to darence , nn no one wud keep miie c0mpany , ii wud be bored , nn left aside ! so ii didnt wanna go .. but ii also wanted to go , c0s it's been a long tym since we've gathered together .. so the guys jjus all kept calling nn trying to persuade miie to go , but ii really dunno if ii shud .. until this afterno0n bef0re the bbq , they were all still calling .. all trying to assure miie tat xy wudnt stick with darence , nn tat she wud acc0mpany miie , talk to miie .. hahhas , these guys are really jokers , of c0urse ii wont be so stupid to believe them abt tat .. but ii still gave in in the end , to all the pesterings .. gahhs .. trained to sembawang , they tried to direct miie to the bus stop to take the bus , but c0s ii dd0nt haf muh spect with miie , ii cant see anth , ii cant see the bus stop they were talking abt , so they told miie to take a cab instead . started raining pretty heavily as so0n as ii reached dere , they came out to fetch miie , went to the shelter nn tried to start the fire .. after a long tym , fire started nn we started c0oking .. of course , as expected , ii felt lonely nn bored , nn was smsing nana nn vien ferh a while .. then it sorta got better c0s we were all joking nn laughing ard .. bryant was wearing xy's shades nn ZILIANing , nn after ii took out muh shades , all the guys started trying here nn dere .. guess who looked the best with the shades on .. ? hahahahhas .. nn of course , bryant wudnt forget to ZILIAN with muh shades on too .. he even asked us to help him cho0se a few nicer pics so tat he cud upload them onto friendster ! sickening .. !! =D xy bot a MICROPHONE necklace frm hk , nn ii brot it today , lent it to bryant ferh him to "sing" , tat irritating freak .. hahhahahas !! had quite some fun , but dere was really NOTHING to eat , nn so we called this bbq : BBBQ . which means , BUDGET BARBEQUE . such a place , with NOTHING to eat . the worst thing was , THERE WERENT ANY MARSHMALLOWSSSS !!!!!! AHHHH !!! they left it at zy's hse laarhs !! grrr .. ! ii guess all these guys've ran outta BRAIN JUICE , they cudnt think pr0perly , c0s they bot the butter whihc was in a tin , but they didnt haf a can opener to open it .. ii volunteered muh nailclipper , no ch0ice .. but after like an hr or so , dere were a few holes here nn dere , but nth m0re than tat . the guys g0t kinda frusfrated nn outta hope alr , so decided to jjus thr0w it ard .. hahahas , nn the butter splashed out frm all th0se h0les nn butterED the area !!! hahahhahas .. seriously , the place was in a total mess ! good thing no rangers were patrolling , or we wud be fined .. it was getting b0ring , so miie xy darence nn bryant decided to leave first . reached sembawang mrt , nn the others called nn asked darence nn bryant to ton with them at darrenyeo's .. xy nn ii decided to tag along , but n0t to stay over laa .. we bot a slice of TIRAMISU cake frm the coffee bean , meaning to gif it to ryan ferh his bdae .. =) trained bak to tpy , xy nn ii waited at the mrt station while darence nn bryant wemt to bryant's hse to change , nn ferh bryant to get m0ney .. waited ferh abt an hr ferh them !! met the others at dhoby ghaut , reached darrenyeo's hse a while later . it's nicely dec0rated , just like ... h0w a condo wud look like .. ! =D yupps .. hahahs .. played black kack , the one who loses d0es a DARE . wad the guys did was really DISGUSTING , but very very AMUSINGG !! hhahahas .. really laughed muh ass out .. !!! hahahhas .. left nn cabbed hm with xy at abt 1.30 am , hm n0w . =)

ii`m tired alr .. nite nite .. =))

oh yea , granduncle's bak frm america .. uncle didnt c0me along , it's still sch term over dere , they wudnt be bak in near future , even if they do , it's during their summer vacation .. ii`ll be visiting granduncle so0n . =)

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finally , bot muh bks alr ..

met nette , nana nn wt at the bus st0p outside sch . ii was late. THEY WERE ALL WEARING SCH TSHIRT !! no one told miie .. !! ii mean ii kn0w we dd0nt need to wear sch uni to get in nn buy bks , but ii feel so weird nn embarrassed , tat they are all wearing sch tshirts , except miie ! gahhs .. ! nvm .. ii changed bag with wt jjus to make muhself look m0re schoolLY. =p hahahas .. yepps , bot the bks , only $30+ , c0s we didnt get the exercise bks nn stuffs , jjus the tbs tat were needed .. ii dunno why we didnt buy th0se exercise bks , we alwaes use alot .. ii mean , ii do use alot ..! so ii jjus bot a ledger pad nn the 8 single line .. ii will buy the others wen sch re0pens .. met darence fy nn ahteck , they came to buy bks oso .. not ahteck lahs , he's n0t frm our sch at all . darence lost his bk list so lent frm miie .. g0tta get it bak frm him , c0s ii need to see wad other exercise bks ii need.. ! lunched at long john then bak here at popo's hse . =))

the whole of last night was cossssyyyy .. !! =))) as ii said , playing the DVD on the tv , while using the laptop on the bed .. hahahhas !! tucked muhself in at abt 4+ am .. so reluctant to slp , still cant haf enuf of everiithing in the rm ! hahahs .. but too tired , so fell asleep . left muh fone's mp3 on , c0s ii`m still afterall a bit scared to be alone .. turned off the lights , then switched on the lamp beside the bed nn drifted off to slp ..... =) it's coooolllddd with the aircon on , but sooo comfy nn warm in the blanky .. =D hahahs .. h0w nice .. wish aunt cud stay at hk ferh a longer while .. muahahhahahahas !! nvm , she said we cud come nn use her things as nn wen we like , as long as we ddont spoil or dirty them . =D

okays , off ferh a nappy ! =))
byebye. =)

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ii`ve heard it , it's a duet , nn it's really nice . =)) so jjus help miie v0te for him if uu haf tym to visit the site . thanks ppl . =))

ohyah ii think uu g0tta register or sth to vote , ii dunno , it's quite a hassle .. but still must vote for him th0 . =D

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HELLLOOO !! ii am in muh aunt's rm n0w , which means ii`m sitting on the big comfy bed , using her laptop while having the tv in the rm on with the DVD playing .. muahahhahas !! this is HEAVEN !! =D nn also , ii can use all her stuffs !! muahahahahhas ..

they called frm hk jjus n0w , chatted ferh quite a while with xy .. she said it's n0t cold over dere , they dd0nt even need to wear jackets .. !! bot very lil' things c0s it's all winter wear over dere . even the jeans haf cotton in them ! so yea , they didnt buy much , cud only buy things like accessories .. gahhs ..


if only this rm really is mine .. muahahahahhas !! nvm . wen ii earn m0ney , it wudnt be jjust a rm , it wud be the whole hse ! =))))

ohhs , ii jjus feel like a princess n0w , so pampered .. =)

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hahahs , guess whr am ii n0w .. ? hhees , using aunt's laptop again lahs .. faster mahs , hm comp too lagg .. hahhas .. =p

g0nna buy bks with the girls tml.. vien so fast buy liia0s .. gahs . havent done hw !!

& ii`m g0nna stay over here at popo's hse tonight .. =) so tml , ii shall be able to use aunt's make ups before she comes bak in the evening .. hahahas ! finally . been out to play ferh the past few days , nn dere was no need ferh making nn dolling up if we were going to sentosa or www , so didnt get a chance to use her make ups .. hahahs. wadever . =)))

wahhahahahhaas !! the rm will be mine tooooniggghtt !! muahahhahahahahas !! =DD

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